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Alexander Pagani is the founder of Amazing Church in Bronx, New York. He is an apostolic Bible teacher with keen insight into the realm of the demonic, generational curses, and deliverance. An internationally sought-after conference speaker, he takes an uncompromising approach to the Scriptures and has been involved in more than four hundred deliverance sessions.

He has appeared on various television networks, including TBN and The Word Network. An honorary graduate of Central Pentecostal Bible Institute, he carries a spirit of wisdom and discernment to unlock secrets of the kingdom with signs and wonders following his ministry. He lives in New York with his wife, Ibelize, and their sons, Apollos and Xavier.

Alexander Pagani Testimony:

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Alexander Pagani who grew up in The Bronx. His life started out really tough because his parents were involved with drugs. Can you believe that by the time he was only 14 years old, he was in a place for young people who did bad things and he was going to be there for a year or more?

He said, “I felt like nobody cared about me and I was all alone, like an orphan. So, I just thought I had to do whatever I could to survive, all by myself.”

Trouble on the Streets

Alexander found himself getting into trouble on the streets quite often. Even though his grandma, who was a Christian, tried to tell him about Jesus, he didn’t listen. At 17, he got in big trouble – he got caught for taking things, breaking into places, and even kidnapping. When he was in prison, he did something really bad – he hurt two other people for no reason.

His aunt Vilma, who helps young people in a church, tried to talk to him while he was in jail. There was also a guard who followed Jesus, and he talked to Alexander about God. Alexander didn’t have many choices, so he listened to them.

Alexander Pagani

A Big Change

One day, when Alexander was in court, he heard a voice telling him to say he was guilty. He knew deep inside that it was God speaking to him. The next day, when he was in his prison cell, something amazing happened.

“Jesus Christ talked to me. He said, ‘Come with me.’ It was like He whispered in my ear,” Alexander remembered. “I said ‘Yes’ and it felt like something heavy was leaving me. I felt really calm and then I fell asleep.”

When he woke up the next morning, he felt like a completely different person!

“All the bad things I used to do – like smoking, watching bad stuff, and using bad words – they all disappeared. And from that moment, I started living for Jesus even though I was still in prison.”

A New Life

Now, Alexander’s life is all about serving God and helping others. He was once lost in darkness, but God transformed his life completely. You can get inspired from his story and witness how God gave him a fresh start. It’s truly incredible to witness how God can completely transform someone’s life for the better!

Alexander Pagani, the author of two super popular books, “The Secrets To Deliverance” and “The Secrets To Generational Curses,” and guess what? His books stand as number one best-sellers! He isnot only an author but also a super smart teacher of the Bible, and he does have revelation on may areas like demons and curses. He’s the founder of Amazing Church Global, which used to be called He Is Risen Tabernacle. It’s in Bronx, New York.

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A Big Teacher and Speaker

Alexander is really good at teaching about the Bible. He’s what they call a 5-Fold Bible teacher, and he’s super smart about things like demons, curses, and how to be free from them. People from all over the world want to hear him talk, so he’s invited to big conferences everywhere. He doesn’t compromise when he talks about the Bible, which means he tells things straight from it. He’s also done a lot of sessions to help people be free from bad things.

Alexander Pagani On TV and More

Guess what? Alexander has even been on TV! You might have seen him on TBN and The Word Network. He’s really famous for what he knows and teaches.

Alexander Pagani is a Smart Graduate

He graduated from Central Pentecostal Bible Institute. He’s got a special ability to understand things from the Bible and help others understand too. Signs and wonders, like amazing things happening, follow his teaching.

In 2023, he got a really special award from Next Dimension University. They gave him an honorary doctorate because of his awesome books on deliverance.

Family Time

Right now, he lives in Upstate New York with his wife, Ibelize, and their two sons, Apollos and Xavier. They usually do have lot of fun together!

Alexander Pagani is truly inspiring, with his books, teaching, and even his special award. He is a great example now for many people around the world on of how one person can make a big difference!

Name Alexander Pagani
Role Founder of Amazing Church
Location Bronx, New York
Expertise Apostolic Bible Teacher
Areas of Focus Demonic Realm, Generational Curses, Deliverance
Conference Speaker Internationally Sought-After
Teaching Approach Uncompromising to Scriptures
Deliverance Sessions Involved Over 400
TV Appearances TBN, The Word Network
Education Honorary Graduate of Central Pentecostal Bible Institute
Gifts Wisdom, Discernment, Signs and Wonders
Family Wife: Ibelize, Sons: Apollos and Xavier
Impact Unlocking Kingdom Secrets, Transforming Lives

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