Jesus Culture Releases Inspiring Album ‘Why Not Right Now?’

The highly anticipated new album ‘Why Not Right Now?’ by the worship collective Jesus Culture is finally out today. This 14-song project was recorded live in the vibrant city of Costa Mesa, California, and it marks the group’s latest musical offering since their two-volume release, ‘Church,’ back in 2020. To celebrate the album’s release, Jesus Culture has also unveiled a captivating music video for the song “Let People Sing,” beautifully led by the talented worship leader, Chris McClarney.

Derek Johnson, a member of Jesus Culture and a fellow worship leader, shares his excitement about the album, saying, “We’ve been anticipating finally sharing ‘Why Not Right Now?’ with the world. We’ve captured a fresh sound that marks a new season for Jesus Culture Music, and we’re hopeful it will inspire worship in the hearts of believers everywhere.” This enthusiasm is shared by the entire group as they pour their passion and dedication into creating music that brings people closer to their faith and ignites their love for worship.

Jesus Culture Why Not Right Now?

Banning Liebscher, the visionary founder of Jesus Culture, also expresses his heartfelt thoughts about the album. He shares, “Very few albums over the past 18 years of Jesus Culture worship have stirred my heart at the level that ‘Why Not Right Now?’ has. Our heart has remained the same since the very beginning, and we want to see a generation encounter the presence of God and lift up the name of Jesus on the earth. We’re believing for revival in our day! Our heart is to see the Church ignited with a greater passion for Jesus and for a world that doesn’t know God to encounter Him.”

The release of ‘Why Not Right Now?’ marks a significant moment for Jesus Culture and their followers. The album promises to bring a fresh and powerful sound, touching the hearts of worshippers across the globe. With their unwavering commitment to spreading the message of love, hope, and faith, Jesus Culture continues to be a beacon of inspiration for believers and seekers alike.

For all those seeking spiritual connection and a deeper worship experience, ‘Why Not Right Now?’ is a must-listen. Through their soul-stirring music and heartfelt lyrics, Jesus Culture invites listeners to embrace the presence of God and find solace and strength in His divine love. So, why not embark on this musical journey and let the spirit of worship uplift your soul? Dive into the heartwarming melodies of Jesus Culture’s latest album, and let your spirit soar in praise and adoration.

‘Why Not Right Now?’ is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Jesus Culture in inspiring a generation to seek God and encounter His presence. Through their music, they aim to ignite a passion for Jesus in the hearts of believers and share His love with a world in need of hope. Let this album be a catalyst for revival in your life, as you join Jesus Culture in lifting up the name of Jesus and spreading the message of faith, love, and worship throughout the world.

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