Who Is Pastor Vlad Savchuk? Journey of Faith and Leadership

Vlad Savchuk also known as Vladimir Savchuk is a dedicated pastor and founder of a diverse congregation, the driving force behind the HungryGen movement. He is the founder and Pastor of Vladimir Savchuk Ministries. His unwavering mission encompasses the salvation of souls, the power of healing, the gift of deliverance, and the nurturing of young leaders.

Vladimir annually spearheads the highly acclaimed Raised to Deliver conference, which draws thousands of attendees from across the globe. Additionally, he oversees three distinct internship programs and is in high demand as a speaker at various conferences and camps.

Vlad Savchuk was born in Ukraine into a devout Christian family, Vlad moved to the United States at the tender age of 13. His passion for ministry ignited at an early age, and by 16, he had already taken on the role of a youth pastor. More recently, he has assumed the leadership of the HungryGen Church.

Pastor Vlad’s unique leadership at Hungry Generation Church has been guided by the Holy Spirit, resulting in the development of a powerful internship program and a worship culture that has reached people worldwide.

He possesses a special gift for speaking, focusing on important spiritual subjects like spiritual warfare, deliverance, and the Holy Spirit – topics that are often overlooked. Pastor Vlad has a remarkable ability to convey age-old truths in a contemporary and relatable manner.

Vlad Savchuk Church:

Vlad Savchuk is currently serving as a Pastor for a HungryGen Church. This Church in Full is called as Hungry Generation Church which was founded by Vasiliy Parkhotyuk & Lyubov Parkhotyuk who are the founding pastors.

Hungry Generation initially started with Pastor Vasiliy’s idea. He wanted to help three kinds of people: those who don’t know God, those who went to church but didn’t feel close to God, and those who needed healing from their past.

This church began in 2001, soon after Pastor Vasiliy moved from Ukraine to Tri-Cities, WA. In August 2003, they got our own place in Pasco, which became thier main place.

From the start, Pastor Vasiliy wanted to teach young people. He worked with teenagers to make them ministers when they were very young. Vlad Savchuk became a youth leader at just 16 years old, and for 14 years, that group of young people grew into the church they have today.

In 2016, when Pastor Vlad was 30, he became the main pastor of HungryGen, along with our strong team of pastors and leaders.

The team of Pastors include Ilya Parkhotyuk & Mariana Parkhotyuk as Associate Pastors, Martin Parkhotyuk & Silvia Parkhotyuk, Rikhard & Brittany Hartikainen, Ivan & Julie Semenyuk, Leo & Larisa Parkhotyuk, Bryson & Priscilla Still, Rudy & Erika Perez, Casey & Morgan Slack as Pastors and Zack Parkhotyuk & Genesis Parkhotyuk as Youth Pastors.

Vladimir Savchuk Ministries:

Vladimir Savchuk Ministries is on a mission to spread the message of Jesus Christ across the globe. Through leading a church, writing books, creating educational materials, speaking worldwide, and participating in various ministries, they are tirelessly working to bring the Gospel to every corner of the world.

Vlad Savchuk is being the man behind these ministries who with the help of Holy Ghost is working tirelessly in search of Lost Sheep.

Vlad Savchuk Wife:

Vlad Savchuk is happily married to Lana, and together, they find joy in spending time and working together in ministry. Lana Savchuk and Vlad Savchuk have been under this Holy Bond for 12 years as of writing this post.

Vlad Savchuk Eye:

Vlad Savchuk has a unique appearance with one of his eyes appearing different and somewhat disfigured. So if you are little bit curious about what happened to Vlad Savchuk Eye? He has explained the reason for this through one of his podcasts.

Vlad revealed that he was born with this distinctive feature due to a damaged optical nerve, as his mother informed him. This condition means that while one of his eyes can move upwards, the deformed eye doesn’t have that capability.

However, it’s important to note that Vlad’s vision is perfectly normal, and he doesn’t require glasses or contact lenses. This eye condition is not the result of an injury; he was born with it. Vlad also shared that this physical difference caused him some insecurity during his school and college years.

Vlad Savchuk Age:

Vladimir Savchuk is 36 Years old as of 2023 but he hasn’t revealed his date of birth but his age could be drawn as a conclusion from his testimonies.

vlad savchuk

Vlad Savchuk Books:

Vladimir Savchuk has authored several books, each offering valuable insights and guidance.These books offer valuable insights for those who are begining to start their spiritual journey.

Host the Holy Ghost:

This book Host the Holy Ghost emphasizes the importance of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It highlights that all Christians have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but not all have intimacy with Him. Vladimir Savchuk takes readers on a journey to discover communion with the Holy Spirit, making it accessible to everyone, not just the spiritually elite.

Apostle Alexander Pagani has said that “Many of the revelations & concepts outlined in this book, I found to be extremely refreshing.”

Fast Forward: Accelerate Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting:

In this book Fast Forward, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk guides readers through a 21-day fast accompanied by daily Biblical teachings, spiritual encouragement, and practical tips. It aims to elevate one’s spiritual journey, covering topics like what the Bible says about fasting, how to begin fasting, and the benefits of fasting for spiritual growth.

Spirit-Filled Jesus:

This book Spirit-Filled Jesus explores the life of Jesus as a model for believers to live a life filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. It emphasizes the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus did, and encourages readers to follow His example in their own lives.

Fight Back:

Pastor Vlad shares Biblical truths and personal experiences to empower readers in their spiritual journey. This book Fight Back provides inspirational stories to help individuals navigate various aspects of life and maintain dominion.

Single, Ready to Mingle:

Focusing on dating and marriage, this book Single, Ready to Mingle addresses common misconceptions and sheds light on God’s instructions regarding relationships. It offers guidance on dating in a way that aligns with God’s principles for successful relationships.

Break Free:

For those feeling trapped in spiritual limitations and repeating the same sins, this book Break Free offers a path to freedom. It guides readers out of the cage of limitation and into a life of spiritual liberation, drawing upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

These books cover a range of topics, from spirituality and personal growth to dating and relationships, providing valuable insights for readers seeking guidance in their faith journey.

If you are interested to read any of the above books you can do so by downloading them from his official website. Just for your information Vlad Savchuk Books in digital format are available for download in his official website. He is offering them in three languages English, Russian and Spanish.

Where is Vlad Savchuk Church?

If you are eager to know Where is Vlad Savchuk Church? Then Vlad Savchuk’s church, Hungry Generation, is located at: 3203 W Sylvester Pasco, WA 99301 USA. This is the physical address of the church in Pasco, Washington.

Hungry Generation’s Sunday schedule is as follows:

  • Morning Service: 9:00 AM
  • Second Morning Service: 11:30 AM
  • Evening Service (Student Ministry): 7:00 PM

These are the times for their Sunday services, including a special evening service dedicated to the student ministry.

Vlad Savchuk Net Worth:

Pastor Vlad, with his roles as a lead pastor, motivational speaker, author, and internet personality, is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million or more. This is just an estimate but not to be considered as exact figure.

His earnings from book royalties could also help him garner some wealth. God is worth more than what he actually gives and Vlad would be treasured more in the eyes of God when compared to his Net Worth on this World.

He also has an online store where T-shirts, Hoodies, Children wear etc are sold. This might also draw some bucks which might not be much but God does multiply them.

His primary career as a lead pastor has led to additional secondary careers, contributing to his overall net worth.

Additionally, his online presence, particularly on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, has likely expanded his net worth further.

Key Points from Vlad Savchuk Biography:

  • Vlad Savchuk is a prominent figure known for his leadership in the ministry. He is a lead pastor, motivational speaker, author, and internet personality.
  • He has authored several books, including titles such as “Host the Holy Ghost,” “Fast Forward: Accelerate Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting,” and “Spirit-Filled Jesus,” among others.
  • Vlad Savchuk leads Hungry Generation, a church located in Pasco, Washington, USA. The church is dedicated to spreading the Gospel and has a global impact.
  • Vlad Savchuk was born in Ukraine and later immigrated to the United States. He has been involved in ministry since a young age and became a youth pastor at the age of 16.
  • He is married to Lana, and they enjoy spending time together and working in ministry.
  • Vlad is known for his teaching on various spiritual topics, including spiritual warfare, deliverance, and the Holy Spirit. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events.
  • His presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram has contributed to his global reach and influence.
  • As of the provided information, Vlad Savchuk’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million or more, with his primary career as a lead pastor and additional income streams from secondary careers and online activities.

Vlad Savchuk YouTube:

Pastor Vlad’s YouTube Channel is a dynamic platform with 1.02 million subscribers and a vast library of 2.1K videos.

As the Pastor at HungryGen Church, he passionately spreads the complete Gospel message to a global audience through this channel.

Here, viewers can discover a wealth of content, including insights into deliverance, spiritual warfare, cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit, overcoming sin, and embracing a life of freedom and dominion in the name of Jesus.

This channel serves as an invaluable resource for spiritual growth and understanding, making Pastor Vlad’s teachings accessible to people around the world.

Vlad Savchuk Deliverance:

Vlad Savchuk is known for his teachings and insights on deliverance. Deliverance, in a spiritual context, often refers to the process of seeking freedom from spiritual bondages, negative influences, or harmful strongholds in one’s life.

Pastor Vlad Savchuk shares valuable guidance and knowledge on this topic, helping individuals understand how to break free from these challenges and find spiritual liberation.

His teachings often emphasize the importance of faith, prayer, and a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit as essential components of the deliverance process.

If you start following his YouTube Channel you will find many of his deliverance videos under Shorts category and you would also get some good and deep insightful teachings on deliverance. For you reference below is one of the videos of Pastor Vlad from his YouTube Channel.

Who is Vlad Savchuk?

Vlad Savchuk is a prominent figure known for his leadership in ministry. He serves as the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church and is also a motivational speaker, author, and internet personality.

What is Hungry Generation Church?

Hungry Generation Church is a congregation led by Vlad Savchuk, with its physical location in Pasco, Washington, USA. It is dedicated to spreading the Gospel and has a global impact.

What books has Vlad Savchuk authored?

Vlad Savchuk has authored several books, including titles such as “Host the Holy Ghost,” “Fast Forward: Accelerate Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting,” and “Spirit-Filled Jesus,” among others.

What topics does Vlad Savchuk teach about?

Vlad Savchuk’s teachings cover a wide range of spiritual topics, including deliverance, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, conquering sin, and living a life of freedom and dominion in Jesus’ name.

What is Vlad Savchuk’s online presence?

Vlad Savchuk has a significant online presence, particularly on his YouTube channel, where he shares spiritual teachings and insights. His channel has over 1.02 million subscribers and features a wealth of videos on various topics.

What is Vlad Savchuk’s estimated net worth?

As of the provided information, Vlad Savchuk’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million or more. His income comes from various sources, including his role as a lead pastor and online activities.

In conclusion, Vlad Savchuk is a multifaceted figure in the world of ministry and spiritual leadership. As the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, he has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel and guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys. Vlad is not only a pastor but also a motivational speaker, author, and internet personality, whose influence extends globally.

Through his books, conferences, and online presence, he has touched the lives of many, offering insights into topics like deliverance, spiritual warfare, and the Holy Spirit. His teachings encourage a deeper connection with faith, prayer, and the pursuit of a life filled with freedom and dominion through Christ.

With a substantial YouTube following and a strong online presence, Vlad Savchuk continues to bring the message of hope and spiritual growth to a diverse and widespread audience. His impact on the spiritual lives of many is a testament to his dedication to sharing the fullness of the Gospel and helping individuals find purpose and freedom in their faith journeys.

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