Who Is Smith Wigglesworth Spiritual Granddaughter Mary Mama Jenkins?

Mary Jenkins, fondly known as "Mama" Jenkins, is celebrated for a life that has been marked by extraordinary and supernatural experiences.

Mary Jenkins, often affectionately referred to as “Mama” Jenkins, is known for her remarkable life filled with supernatural experiences. Mama Jenkins is said to have had a special connection to Smith Wigglesworth, a renowned British evangelist known for his healing ministry. Throughout her long life, which spanned 102 years, Mary Mama Jenkins was reported to have lived in a state of the supernatural.

One of the extraordinary accounts associated with Mama Jenkins is her alleged ability to raise over 27 babies from the dead, some of whom were believed to be in coffins. Her ministry also reportedly included a visit to a mental health facility in New England, where it is said that all the patients were instantly healed upon her arrival, leading to the closure of the hospital shortly thereafter.

Another well-known story revolves around Siamese twins whom Mama Jenkins is said to have separated through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ. Directed by what she believed to be divine guidance, she took a bus to an unknown destination, arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, overheard nurses discussing the tragic birth of the twins, and met with the grieving parents. Through her prayers, the twins were successfully separated, leaving the hospital staff facing media inquiries about this miraculous event.

These incredible testimonies, along with many others, are said to be part of Mama Jenkins’ life, demonstrating her deep faith and her belief in the power of prayer and divine intervention.

Mary “Mama” Jenkins, born on February 8, 1909, and passing away on November 24, 2011, at the age of 102, was laid to rest in Mount Olivet Cemetery, located in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, USA. She lived a long and impactful life, leaving behind a legacy that touched the lives of many.

Mary Mama Jenkins

Early Encounters with Smith Wigglesworth

Mama Jenkins’ journey into ministry began at a young age when she crossed paths with the renowned British evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth. At just five years old, Wigglesworth recognized a calling on her life and encouraged her to preach short sermons throughout England. These sermons, delivered by a young Mama Jenkins, had a profound impact, leading hundreds to make professions of faith.

Throughout her life, Mama Jenkins traveled extensively, spreading the message of God’s love and healing power. She ministered to diverse audiences worldwide and shared her faith with unwavering devotion. Her impact extended beyond conventional ministry boundaries, making her a beloved figure wherever she went.

Divine Appointments of Mary Mama Jenkins

One of the most astonishing stories associated with Mama Jenkins centers on a divine message she received for prominent political figures, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Despite her initial doubts, she felt compelled to deliver this message in person. Her unyielding faith and obedience set in motion a series of events that would ultimately lead to a remarkable encounter with the Clintons.

Mama Jenkins, with unwavering faith, believed she had a message from God for the Clintons. She contacted the governor of her state, who trusted her ministry and connections, and requested assistance in arranging a meeting with the Clintons. Her unshakeable belief in God’s plan fueled her determination to share this message face to face.

Mama Jenkins’ journey led her to the White House, where she met with President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton. With courage and conviction, she delivered her message, touching the hearts of the Clintons and bringing them to tears. However, her presence attracted the attention of Secret Service agents, who momentarily alarmed her. Fortunately, the agents soon realized that there was no threat, and Mama Jenkins continued her conversation with the Clintons.

Following their meeting, the Clintons extended an invitation to Mama Jenkins to accompany them to Camp David. This unexpected journey allowed her to spend more time with the Clintons, where she shared her wisdom and faith with foreign dignitaries and answered their questions.

Mama Jenkins’ remarkable life story serves as a profound lesson in faith, obedience, and listening to God’s guidance. Her encounter with the Clintons, initially met with skepticism by some, ultimately demonstrated the importance of trusting in God’s plan, even when it challenges our preconceived notions.

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Is Mary Jenkins still alive?

No, Mary “Mama” Jenkins passed away on November 24, 2011, at the age of 102. Her final resting place is in Mount Olivet Cemetery, situated in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, USA. Although she is no longer with us, her life, which spanned over a century, undoubtedly left a lasting impact and a legacy that continues to be remembered by those who knew and were touched by her.

Mary Jenkins obituary:

She has found her final resting place in Mount Olivet Cemetery, nestled in the serene surroundings of Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Throughout her remarkable journey, Mary Jenkins touched the lives of many, and her legacy endures in the memories and stories shared by those who were fortunate to be a part of her life. While her physical presence may have departed, the impact of her long and impactful life continues to resonate, serving as a source of inspiration for all who were touched by her presence.

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In conclusion, the life of Mary “Mama” Jenkins is a testament to the extraordinary and the miraculous. Her journey, spanning 102 remarkable years, was marked by a deep connection to the supernatural and an unwavering faith in the power of prayer and divine intervention.

Through her incredible experiences, including the reported ability to raise babies from the dead and the separation of Siamese twins, Mary Jenkins demonstrated a remarkable connection to the divine. Her life story continues to inspire and astound those who hear it, serving as a reminder of the profound impact that faith and unwavering belief can have on the world.

Mary “Mama” Jenkins, who found her final resting place in Mount Olivet Cemetery, leaves behind a legacy that reaches beyond the boundaries of time. Her remarkable journey serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that faith can unlock. Her story will continue to touch the lives of many, keeping the memory of her remarkable life alive for generations to come.

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