How Many times was Kathryn Kuhlman Married?

Kathryn Kuhlman, a renowned American evangelist, captivated audiences with her charismatic healing ministry. Born on May 9, 1907, she dedicated her life to spreading the Christian faith. Kuhlman's dynamic preaching and purported healing miracles drew large crowds in the mid-20th century.

Kathryn Kuhlman was an extraordinary figure known for her profound impact in the realm of spiritual healing and evangelism. Her legacy remains a cornerstone in the history of charismatic Christianity.

Born on May 9, 1907, in Concordia, Missouri, Kuhlman’s journey was marked by a fervent dedication to her faith. Her charismatic presence and powerful oratory skills drew crowds, captivating audiences with her impassioned sermons on faith, healing, and the Holy Spirit.

Kuhlman’s approach to healing was rooted in her strong belief in the spiritual and the supernatural. She conducted services where she purportedly facilitated miraculous healings, and many who attended reported experiencing profound spiritual and physical transformations.

Who is Kathryn Kuhlman?

Kathryn Kuhlman, an American Christian evangelist, gained widespread recognition for her charismatic healing services and is often acclaimed as a ‘faith healer.’ Her ministry was centered around spiritual healing and the manifestation of divine power in the realm of faith.

Kuhlman’s ministry burgeoned during the mid-20th century, spanning across various mediums including radio and television. Her evangelistic campaigns and healing services gathered immense attention, with people flocking to witness her renowned healing sessions. Many reported miraculous healings and spiritual experiences during her services, solidifying her reputation as a faith healer.

Kathryn Kuhlman, an American Christian evangelist renowned for hosting healing services and widely recognized as a ‘faith healer’, led a remarkable life that spanned from May 9, 1907, in Johnson County, Missouri, United States, to her passing on February 20, 1976, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was a prominent figure in the realm of spirituality and faith-based healing.

Her journey was marked not only by her impactful ministry but also by her education at Simpson University. Additionally, Kuhlman’s life was intertwined with the publication of significant works such as “Healing,” “I Believe in Miracles,” and her appearances on notable television programs like “The Tomorrow Show” and “The Mike Douglas Show.”

Kuhlman’s personal life included a marriage to Burroughs A. Waltrip from 1938 to 1948. Tragically, her passing was attributed to complications stemming from open heart surgery, marking the end of a life dedicated to faith, spiritual healing, and the belief in the miraculous. Her legacy, however, remains etched in the history of faith-based healing and continues to inspire many who were touched by her ministry.

Kathryn Kuhlman

Where was Kathryn Kuhlman Born?

Kathryn Kuhlman, born on May 9, 1907, in Concordia, Missouri, was a renowned American evangelist and faith healer. Her early life was marked by a deep Christian upbringing. In her teenage years, Kuhlman began preaching, and her ministry gained prominence over the years. She was known for her charismatic and impactful healing services, drawing large crowds seeking spiritual and physical healing.

Kuhlman’s ministry expanded through radio and television broadcasts, making her a prominent figure in the Charismatic Christian movement. Despite facing some controversies, she continued to influence countless individuals with her messages of faith, healing, and the Holy Spirit.

On February 20, 1976, Kathryn Kuhlman passed away, leaving behind a legacy of faith and healing that continues to inspire many within the Christian community.

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Kathryn Kuhlman Early Life:

Born in 1907 near Concordia, Missouri, Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was the daughter of Joseph Adolph Kuhlman and Emma Walkenhorst, devout German-American Methodists. Her upbringing provided a solid foundation in biblical teachings.

At the age of 14, Kuhlman had a profound spiritual experience, setting the stage for her future in ministry. She commenced itinerant preaching alongside her elder sister and brother-in-law in Idaho and was later ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance. Amanda H. Williams, a trailblazing figure in women’s ministry, played a pivotal role in inspiring Kuhlman’s healing ministry.

Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry Years:

Kuhlman’s ministry spanned from the 1940s to the 1970s, during which she gained global recognition for her healing services. Despite doctors’ warnings about a heart condition, she maintained an exhaustive schedule, conducting meetings lasting up to six hours across the United States and abroad. In addition to her healing services, Kuhlman hosted a weekly TV program in the 1960s and 1970s called ‘I Believe In Miracles.’ Her foundation, established in 1954, expanded to Canada in 1970.

By 1970, Kuhlman had relocated to Los Angeles, drawing comparisons to Aimee Semple McPherson. She became renowned for her “gift of healing” despite her acknowledgment of lacking theological training. A legal dispute in 1975 saw her sued by her personal administrator, Paul Bartholomew, alleging financial improprieties.

Kathryn Kuhlman Healing Legacy:

Kuhlman’s healing ministry left a significant impact, with an estimated two million people reporting healing in her meetings. However, skepticism arose, particularly after a 1967 fellowship in Philadelphia led to a case study by Dr. William A. Nolen. The study, criticized by believers, concluded that there were no cures in the cases examined.

Dr. Richard Owellen, a member of the cancer-research department of Johns Hopkins Hospital, testified to various healings he claimed to have investigated, adding complexity to the debates around Kuhlman’s healing legacy.

Kathryn Kuhlman Personal Life:

Kuhlman’s personal life was marked by a controversial marriage to Burroughs Waltrip in 1938. The marriage faced scrutiny due to Waltrip’s previous divorce, leading to complexities in Kuhlman’s personal journey. The couple had no children and eventually divorced in 1948. Kuhlman expressed remorse over her role in the pain caused by the breakup.

Kathryn Kuhlman Husband:

Kathryn Kuhlman was married to Burroughs Waltrip, a Texas evangelist. Their marriage took place on October 18, 1938. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 1947. Following their divorce, Kathryn Kuhlman continued her ministry independently, becoming one of the most well-known and influential female evangelists in the mid-20th century.
Kathryn Kuhlman Death and Controversies:

In July 1975, Kuhlman was diagnosed with a minor heart flare-up, leading to a relapse in November. She underwent open-heart surgery in Tulsa but tragically passed away on February 20, 1976. Reports of a bright light witnessed at her passing added a mystical element to her departure.

Kuhlman’s will stirred controversy after her death, leaving the bulk of her estate to family members and employees. Her foundation faced financial challenges, leading to its closure in 2016.

Kathryn Kuhlman Legacy:

Kathryn Kuhlman is remembered as a forerunner to the charismatic movement, influencing notable figures like Benny Hinn and Billy Burke. Despite posthumous debates about her healing ministry, her impact on Christian evangelism endures.

Kathryn Kuhlman’s Books

Kathryn Kuhlman, a renowned Christian evangelist, has authored numerous impactful books. Some of her notable works include:

Book Title Published
Lord, Teach Us To Pray 1988
How Big Is God? 1974
10,000 miles for a miracle (Dimension books) 1974
In Search of Blessings 2001
Toque del Maestro, El 2003
Standing tall (Dimension books) 1975
Daughter of Destiny: The Only Authorized Biography 4 editions
Nunca Es Demasiado Tarde: From Desperation to Liberty
Busca de la Bendicion, En 2003
Living Classics-Kathryn Kuhlma 1997
De la Desesperacion a la Libertad 2009
Never Too Late: The Journey of a Catholic Woman From Despair to Deliverance 2 editions
Crepúsculo y Amanecer
Daughter of Destiny: Commemorative Edition 4 editions
Jesucristo nuestro sanador/ Jesus Christ Our Healer 2007

These books encompass a wide array of spiritual themes, insights, and testimonies that have impacted many individuals seeking faith-based guidance and healing.

How Many times was Kathryn Kuhlman Married?

Kathryn Kuhlman, the renowned American evangelist and faith healer, was married only once. Her marriage was to Burroughs Waltrip in 1938, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1947.

How did Kathryn Kuhlman Die?

Kathryn Kuhlman died on February 20, 1976. The cause of her death was heart failure due to a heart valve problem. She had struggled with heart-related issues for some time before her passing. Kathryn Kuhlman was a prominent American evangelist, faith healer, and author known for her healing services and radio and television broadcasts. Her ministry had a significant impact on the Charismatic movement in Christianity.

How old was Kathryn Kuhlman when she started her ministry?

Kathryn Kuhlman began her ministry in the early 1940s. Born on May 9, 1907, she was around 33 years old when she started her public ministry. Kathryn Kuhlman gained widespread recognition and became known for her healing services and charismatic preaching style, drawing large audiences.

Did Kathryn Kuhlman cast out demons?

There is no conclusive evidence to confirm or deny whether Kathryn Kuhlman engaged in the practice of casting out demons. Her ministry primarily focused on faith healing, and details about specific practices, such as exorcism, are not extensively documented.

Did Kathryn Kuhlman die in surgery?

No, Kathryn Kuhlman did not die in surgery. She passed away on February 20, 1976, due to heart failure at the age of 68. There is no indication that her death was related to any surgical procedures.

Did Kathryn Kuhlman get married?

Yes, Kathryn Kuhlman was married to evangelist Burroughs Waltrip. The marriage ended in divorce in 1947. She did not remarry after the divorce.

Did Kathryn Kuhlman have a child?

No, Kathryn Kuhlman did not have any biological children.

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