Who is Rooney Ives Ligertwood?

Rooney Ives Ligertwood is the second child of Kiwi singer Brooke Fraser and her husband, Scott Ligertwood. She was born on July 10, 2017.

Rooney Ives Ligertwood, the beloved daughter of Kiwi singer Brooke Fraser and her husband Scott Ligertwood, was welcomed into the world on July 10, 2017. This precious addition to the Ligertwood family has already captured hearts and brought joy to those around her.

The announcement of Rooney’s birth was made with immense joy by her mother, Brooke Fraser, who took to social media to introduce her “chunky gal” to the world. Born at 8:43 pm, Rooney weighed 9lb 3oz and measured 21.5 inches, filling the hearts of her family with an abundance of love and happiness. In her announcement, Fraser expressed her gratitude, exclaiming, “My girl gang is complete! God is GOOD.”

Rooney Ives Ligertwood is bestowed with a name that carries the legacy of her father, Scott Ligertwood. As the second child of the Ligertwood family, Rooney joins her older sister, Dylan, in what promises to be a lifetime of sisterly adventures and shared moments.

While Rooney Ives Ligertwood is still at the beginning of her life’s journey, she is undoubtedly surrounded by the warmth and love of her family, who have been blessed with her presence. With her parents’ talent and love, and her sister by her side, Rooney is poised to enjoy a life filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

As she continues to grow and write her own story, Rooney Ives Ligertwood will undoubtedly be supported by a family that adores her and by friends and well-wishers who eagerly await the opportunity to watch her thrive and leave her mark on the world.

Rooney Ives Ligertwood would is 6 years old, as she was born on July 10, 2017.

Rooney Ives Ligertwood Sister

Rooney Ives Ligertwood’s mother is the well-known Kiwi singer, songwriter, and musician, Brooke Fraser. Brooke Fraser is celebrated for her musical talent and has gained recognition for her songs, including “Something In the Water” and “Kings and Queens.” She is also known for her significant achievements in the music industry, which include winning several New Zealand Music Awards, a Silver Scroll, and multiple Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) Awards.

Rooney Ives Ligertwood Father

Rooney Ives Ligertwood’s father is Scott Ligertwood. Scott is known not only as the father of Rooney and her older sister Dylan but also for his role as a prominent musician and songwriter. He has contributed to the world of music in various capacities and is part of the music industry, where he has earned recognition for his work.

Rooney Ives Ligertwood Sister

Rooney Ives Ligertwood’s sister is Dylan Ligertwood. As of her birth announcement in July 2017, Dylan was approximately 22 months old. Both Rooney and Dylan are the cherished daughters of Brooke Fraser and Scott Ligertwood, and they are part of a loving family.
Rooney Ives Ligertwood
Name: Rooney Ives Ligertwood
Date of Birth: July 10, 2017
Age (As of 2023): Approximately 6 years old
Parents: Brooke Fraser (Mother)
Scott Ligertwood (Father)
Siblings: Dylan Ligertwood (Older Sister)
Background: Beloved child of a musical family with a talented mother and father

In conclusion, Rooney Ives Ligertwood, born on July 10, 2017, is a cherished member of a musical and loving family. As the daughter of her accomplished parents, Brooke Fraser and Scott Ligertwood, Rooney is growing up with the influences of talented musicians.

She shares a special bond with her older sister, Dylan, and together, they bring joy and happiness to their family. As she continues to journey through life, Rooney is undoubtedly surrounded by love and support, creating a nurturing environment for her to thrive and make her mark on the world.

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