Who is Pastor John Anosike of Spirit Revelation Church?

Pastor John Anosike serves as the President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries (Spirit Revelation Church), a vibrant and multicultural ministry located in Cape Town, South Africa. With a membership exceeding 8,000, this dynamic ministry has become a beacon of spiritual growth and transformation in the region.

From a young age, Pastor John Anosike displayed a profound Apostolic calling. He embarked on his ministry journey at the tender age of 6, passionately delivering God’s Word in large crusades held in various countries. His early ministry breakthroughs included establishing a Christian Fellowship and organizing Ministers’ Training Conferences, where he nurtured individuals who have gone on to become founders of significant ministries across the world.

Pastor John is distinguished by his rare anointing as a Teacher. He possesses a unique ability to delve deeply into the scriptures, providing exceptional insights into the Gospel of Christ and the message of Grace. His teachings are marked by high revelation, offering profound understanding to believers.

Furthermore, Pastor John Anosike operates in a powerful anointing for extraordinary healings and miracles, where the supernatural power of God is evident. These miraculous occurrences stand as a testimony to his faith and the transformative work of God through his ministry.

Pastor John’s life and ministry are a testament to his remarkable journey, which began at a very young age and has since impacted countless lives. His teaching and anointing continue to be a source of inspiration and spiritual growth for believers worldwide.

Pastor John Anosike Biography

Born and raised in a Christian family, Pastor John was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age as his personal savior. Even as a child, he demonstrated a remarkable gift for ministering before large crowds in Crusades, showcasing his passion and love for sharing the Gospel with others.

One of the distinctive aspects of Pastor John’s ministry is his exceptional anointing as a Teacher. With a rare ability to expound the scriptures in deep revelation, he provides profound insights into the Gospel of Christ and the message of grace. Through his teachings and sermons, Pastor John aims to encourage believers with a greater understanding of God’s Word, empowering them to live victoriously in their faith.

In addition to his teaching ministry, Pastor John Anosike operates in a powerful anointing for healing and miracles. The supernatural manifestations of God’s power have been witnessed in his ministry, where remarkable healings and miracles have taken place. These miraculous encounters serve as a testimony to Pastor John’s faith and the transformative power of God at work through him.

Beyond his ministry engagements, Pastor John is also an accomplished author. He has written several books, including the highly sought-after daily devotional titled “Heaven In Your Day.” These writings provide readers with spiritual nourishment, guiding them in their daily walk with God and helping them experience the heavenly realm in their everyday lives.

Pastor John Anosike is blessed with a supportive partner in ministry, Pastor Ola, who is also a servant of God. Together, they stand as an example of a godly marriage, committed to each other and their shared vision of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Furthermore, the Lord has blessed Pastor John and Pastor Ola with four lovely daughters, enriching their lives and providing a foundation of love and faith within their family.

Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, Pastor John Anosike continues to impact lives through his ministry, spreading the message of God’s love, grace, and power. His dedication to teaching, coupled with his anointing for healing and miracles, has positioned him as a significant spiritual leader, inspiring believers to walk in the fullness of God’s purposes for their lives.

John Anosike

Ministry of Pastor John Anosike

Pastor John Anosike’s ministry has a wide-ranging scope that welcomes and embraces the entire body of Christ. He emphasizes the importance of unity within the Church and seeks to provide spiritual guidance and coverage to all who seek it.

He often emphasizes that his ministry goes beyond the pulpit and involves being a custodian of the unseen realms.

With a global perspective, Pastor John has a divine commission to raise a new generation of ministers who will operate in the realms of Sonship and the Supernatural. Through revelation and impartation, he equips and empowers these ministers to lead their congregations with selflessness and a focus on spiritual independence.

The ultimate goal of Pastor John’s ministry is to set in motion a domino effect where these ministers, in turn, lead their own congregations toward spiritual independence. This combination of spiritual autonomy and unity in faith is believed to have a transformative impact on the entire Body of Christ.

Pastor John Anosike envisions a future where the ministry of the Five-fold—apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers—reaches its ultimate culmination. The collaborative and harmonious functioning of these five ministry gifts is seen as vital in bringing about unity in the faith and the maturation of the Church.

Through his focus on raising a new generation of ministers, activating the realm of Sonship and the Supernatural, and promoting spiritual independence within a context of unity, Pastor John Anosike aims to play a significant role in advancing the purposes of God and the growth of the global Body of Christ.

In addition to his role as a spiritual leader, Pastor John Anosike is also an accomplished author, having written several books. One of his notable works is the highly sought-after daily devotional titled “Heaven In Your Day.”

As the name suggests, this daily devotional is designed to bring the heavenly realm into the daily lives of readers, offering spiritual nourishment and guidance. Pastor John’s writings aim to empower individuals to experience a deeper connection with God and a more profound spiritual life.

Pastor John Anosike as an end-time catalyst

Pastor John Anosike is viewed as an end-time catalyst, instrumental in ushering in a sequence of events that will fulfill the prerequisites leading to the ‘Appearance of The Groom.’ These events include:

A) The Presentation of the Gospel of Sonship: Pastor John’s ministry emphasizes the presentation of the Gospel of Sonship, which teaches believers about their identity as sons and daughters of God.

B) The Age of The Sons: This age involves two key aspects: (1) The manifestation of the Sons: Believers coming into the full realization of their identity as sons and daughters of God and operating in the authority and power that accompanies this status. (2) The Redemption of Creation: The understanding that as sons and daughters, believers have a role in the restoration and redemption of God’s creation.

C) The Unity of The Faith: Promoting unity in faith is a critical component, as believers come together in harmony and agreement around the core principles of their faith.

D) The Triumph over the last enemy – death (Sons outliving the general age-deadline) aka ‘The Presentation of the Bride’: This phase involves believers overcoming the final enemy, death, and living beyond the general age deadline. It also marks the preparation of the Bride for the ‘Appearance of the Groom.’

E) The Appearance of Christ/Groom: The culmination of these events leads to the appearance of Christ, the Groom, in the context of end-time prophecy.

Pastor John Anosike on Raising the Dead

Pastor John Anosike’s ministry plays a pivotal role in teaching and preparing believers for these prophesied events, ultimately leading to the anticipated ‘Appearance of The Groom.’

Pastor John Anosike’s ministry is characterized by a strong belief in the ability of believers to raise the dead, which he considers an integral aspect of the Gospel of Immortality. Through his sermons and teachings, Pastor John emphasizes that God has granted believers the power and authority to perform such miracles in the name of Jesus Christ.

One noteworthy account connected to Pastor John is his claim to have witnessed a young man being raised back to life during a live service, an event attributed to the supernatural intervention of God. This extraordinary occurrence serves as a testament to his faith and the manifestation of God’s power in his ministry.

For those interested in delving deeper into Pastor John Anosike’s teachings, sermons, and experiences, his videos on YouTube and his presence on Facebook offer valuable resources.

In a recent sermon on raising the dead, Pastor John shared his early experiences, including times when he failed to raise the dead. He also recounted a pivotal moment when he spent three days in the wilderness on a complete dry fast, during which he received a revelation that illuminated what he had previously missed.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of his perspective and the testimonies associated with his ministry, it’s advisable to explore Pastor John’s videos on raising the dead posted on his official YouTube channel. As with any extraordinary claims, it’s important to approach them with discernment and personal conviction, as beliefs and experiences regarding miracles can vary within the Christian faith.

The Gospel of Sonship and Immortality

Pastor John Anosike is a prominent advocate of the Gospel of Sonship and Immortality, actively promoting and teaching these profound beliefs. This gospel, embraced and passionately shared by Pastor John, centers on the transformation and restoration of believers into incorruptible, mature individuals who are destined to become perfect, in accordance with Ephesians 4:13. The ultimate goal, as emphasized by Pastor John, is the manifestation of the “Sons of God” eagerly anticipated by all of creation, preceding the final appearance of Jesus.

Central to Pastor John’s teachings is the understanding that, through Christ, believers are empowered to rule and reign over creation, aligning with God’s original intention. He emphasizes that through the redemptive work of Jesus, the power of sin and death has been broken, enabling believers to be restored to their original state and even to a state of greater strength. Eternal life, particularly, is highlighted as an indomitable force that cannot be prematurely terminated, forging an unbreakable bond between believers and God.

Pastor John Anosike passionately proclaims these truths, deeply rooted in his heart. He underscores that, through Christ’s sacrifice, believers can experience a profound transformation, living as empowered sons and daughters of God, fully equipped to fulfill their divine purpose.

It’s worth noting that interpretations of these concepts may vary among different Christian denominations. As a result, individuals are encouraged to study and discern these teachings according to their personal convictions and in alignment with biblical principles.

Pastor John Anosike’s dedicated advocacy of the Gospel of Sonship and Immortality serves as a powerful reminder of God’s redemptive plan, His boundless love for humanity, and the extraordinary possibilities available to believers through their relationship with Christ.

About his Book “Satan was Never An Archangel in Heaven”:

In his book, “Satan was Never An Archangel in Heaven,” Pastor John Anosike employs precise biblical hermeneutics to ensure that scriptural references are considered within their proper context. His interpretations are rooted in historical, grammatical, cultural, and literary factors, with a deep focus on the intended meaning of the biblical passages. The book challenges established norms, encouraging readers to be openhearted and receptive to the fresh insights presented.

Drawing parallels from the biblical narratives of Moses and the disciples of Jesus, Pastor John emphasizes the importance of discerning and embracing new revelations from God. The Pharisees’ resistance to the revelation of Jesus is cited as an example of hindering the progress of God’s fresh movements. The book extends an invitation to readers to be among the first to receive and engage with the message it conveys.

Pastor John Anosike underscores that the book is not intended to cause conflict or assert superiority over anyone. Instead, it is a product of love for the Body of Christ and the Church of Jesus, aimed at helping individuals understand their true spiritual positioning and achieve greater victories in their faith journeys. Readers are encouraged to approach the book with an open mind and are welcome to express their thoughts and engage in respectful discourse.

Name John Anosike
Date of Birth April 30, 1975
Age 48 years old
Title President and Senior Pastor
Ministry New World Faith Ministries (Spirit Revelation Ecclesia)
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Wife Pastor Ola
Children Four daughters
Anointing Teacher, Prophet, Apostle of Power
Message Gospel of Christ and Grace, Gospel of Immortality
Books THE BIGGEST LIE – Satan Was Never An Archangel in Heaven, “Heaven In Your Day” (daily devotional)
Church Name New World Faith Ministries (Spirit Revelation Ecclesia)
Ministry Description Multi-cultural, highly dynamic ministry with over 8500 members

FAQs about Pastor John Anosike

Who is John Anosike?

John Anosike is the President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries (Spirit Revelation Ecclesia), a dynamic ministry located in Cape Town, South Africa.

What books has John Anosike written?

Pastor John Anosike has authored books, including “THE BIGGEST LIE – Satan Was Never An Archangel in Heaven” and a daily devotional titled “Heaven In Your Day.”

When was Pastor John Anosike born?

Pastor John Anosike was born on April 30, 1975.

Where is Pastor John Anosike from?

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