Live-Recorded “Gratitude” Released by AVALON

"Gratitude" serves as a moving reminder of the transformative power of thankfulness and the deep and meaningful link between gratitude and worship.

Chart-topping Christian music group AVALON has recently released a live-recorded song titled “Gratitude.” This powerful worship track was recorded live at Cottonwood Creek, where Greg and Janna Long serve as worship pastors. It beautifully captures the essence of heartfelt praise and thanksgiving. “Gratitude” serves as a poignant reminder of the profound connection between gratitude and worship, highlighting the significance of being thankful.

The message of the song is eloquently summarized by Greg Long, who explained, “Living our lives with a posture of gratitude will always bring this response called worship. When we understand that every good and perfect gift in our lives comes from our heavenly Father, our voices naturally long to sing the words ‘thank you.'”

Avalon Releases Live-Recorded “Gratitude”

AVALON is known for their captivating harmonies and inspiring lyrics, and “Gratitude” is no exception. It’s a musical testament to the blessings and grace that enrich our lives, encouraging listeners to express their appreciation through worship.

The live recording at Cottonwood Creek adds an authentic and intimate dimension to the song, allowing listeners to experience it in a worshipful atmosphere. Alongside the song’s release, AVALON invites their audience to participate in “A Month of Gratitude,” a celebration of God’s goodness leading up to Thanksgiving.

AVALON has a rich history of delivering chart-topping hits and timeless classics, and “Gratitude” is poised to be another cherished addition to their illustrious catalog. With its soul-stirring lyrics and passionate delivery, the song is destined to become a beloved anthem of gratitude and worship for audiences worldwide.

As “Gratitude” becomes available on airwaves and digital platforms, AVALON welcomes their fans and music enthusiasts to join them in this meaningful journey of thankfulness and worship.

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