What does Joel Osteen’s son do?

Joel Osteen's son, Jonathan Osteen, is actively engaged in the music scene as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band LYA.

Jonathan Osteen popular for being son of Joel Osteen has been into lime light after his wedding. Most people started wondering if he is going to take on Lakewood church as its next pastor. Jonathan Osteen, is presently involved in the ministry alongside his parents at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He often participates in the church services, youth events, and other activities.

Joel Osteen being one of the most recognizable pastors in America has always been a discussion among Christian folks. Recently his Divorce rumours had made a hit for which we have given already given an insight if you aren’t aware of it you can just try to know Is Joel Osteen divorced?

Joel’s congregation is usually made up of thousands of parishioners at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, making it the largest megachurch in the country. Osteen has been the senior pastor of this independent, nondenominational church since his father and predecessor died in 1999.

Since then, Lakewood Church has grown enormously under Joel’s leadership. He was 36 years old when he assumed the role. Besides preaching, he is also a married father of two.

Now that Jonathan Osteen the man who is to carry on the next generation as its pastor people always wonder and try to know What does Joel Osteen’s son do? So we would like to answer this question as accurate as possible with all the information that is available online.

What does Joel Osteen’s son do?

Joel Osteen’s son, Jonathan Osteen, is involved in music. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band LYA. LYA, formed in 2016, includes Jonathan and his sister Alexandra Osteen, along with their friends Louie Garcia and Abel Orta Jr.

The band primarily creates energetic and upbeat worship songs aimed at the spiritual youth audience. They have released various gospel singles and an EP titled “In The Name, Vol. 1” in 2019 under Lakewood Records, a label associated with Lakewood Church. LYA often performs alongside other gospel artists from the label during services and concerts.

Who is Jonathan Osteen?

Jonathan Osteen, born and raised in Houston, Texas, has been an integral part of Lakewood Church from a young age. As the son of Senior Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, Jonathan’s upbringing in the church laid the foundation for his active involvement in various ministries. During his teenage years, he took on a significant role in Lakewood’s Young Adult ministry, showcasing his dedication to spiritual engagement.

From an early age, Jonathan displayed a passion for music, leading him to join the worship team at Lakewood, where he lent his vocals and guitar skills. His musical journey took a notable turn in 2016 when he, along with his sister Alexandra, played a pivotal role in leading worship in front of a massive audience of 45,000 people at “America’s Night of Hope” in San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Since then, he has continued to lead worship and deliver speeches at Night of Hope events held in arenas and stadiums across the United States.

Beyond his musical contributions, Jonathan is a skilled songwriter and music producer. Under his leadership, the Lakewood Young Adults ministry produced their first album in 2016, titled “Live in the Wonderful,” featuring songs like “Etched,” “In the Name of Love,” and “Become,” all written by Jonathan. The ministry’s subsequent album, “In The Name,” released in September 2019, includes the track “Prince of Peace,” another composition by Jonathan.

jonathan osteen

Jonathan’s overarching passion lies in sharing God’s heart for people. In a significant milestone, he delivered his first sermon to the Lakewood congregation on Father’s Day in 2019, titled “The Father’s Love.” Continuing his leadership role, Jonathan oversees Lakewood’s Young Adults ministry, where he regularly speaks, and he also leads both the creative and worship teams within the church.

Academically, Jonathan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, he remains an influential figure in the Lakewood community, contributing to the spiritual growth and creative aspects of the church.

We have already covered a biography article about Jonathan Osteen where you could get more of his details. Jonathan Osteen Wedding, Wife, Biography, Age, Net Worth & More

You could get many answers like if Jonathan Osteen is married and so. But I would like to tell about a small lawsuit which is being face by Jonathan Osteen in the below few lines.

Jonathan Osteen car accident

A few years ago, Jonathan Osteen, part of the Osteen family known for their involvement in Lakewood Church, faced legal issues following a car accident. In 2016, Jonathan was involved in a collision on a highway where he rear-ended another car, resulting in two individuals being hospitalized.

The recent revelation in June indicated that Jonathan was allegedly using his cell phone while driving at the time of the accident, as reported by Southeast Texas Record.

This discovery prompted the two men involved in the crash to file a lawsuit against him, seeking $1 million in damages. The trial for this case commenced earlier this month and is currently underway.

This incident adds to a history of legal troubles for the Osteen family. In 2016, Jonathan’s father, Joel Osteen, had to testify in a heckling trial, as reported by ABC Houston.

Additionally, in 2008, Victoria Osteen, Jonathan’s mother and Joel’s wife, was cleared in a lawsuit where she was accused of assaulting a flight attendant, as detailed by The New York Times. The Osteen family has faced legal challenges on multiple occasions, with each incident bringing its own set of circumstances and legal proceedings.

Jonathan Osteen Hobbies

Jonathan Osteen, like his sister Alexandra, expresses a strong connection to his Texas roots, particularly the Houston area where their church is located.

Both siblings have chosen to remain in Texas for college and adult life, emphasizing their affection for the Lone Star State. While Alexandra highlights her family ties as a reason for staying, Jonathan, in an interview with ABC13 Houston, portrays himself as a bit of a homebody.

He openly admits to enjoying simple pleasures such as playing with dogs, spending time with family, and catching a weekly movie. Despite his love for Texas, Jonathan does deviate from the Texan norm by confessing to not being a big fan of the state’s barbecue tradition.

Overall, these glimpses into Jonathan’s life and preferences suggest a grounded and family-oriented individual with a strong attachment to his Texan roots.

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