Connie Frisbee’s Unconventional Response to “Jesus Revolution” Movie

Connie Frisbee‘s life journey is an essential part of the story of Lonnie Frisbee, the ‘hippie preacher’ at the heart of the Jesus movement. As Lonnie Frisbee’s former wife, she holds a unique perspective on his life and the Jesus movement, but her voice remained largely unheard during the making of the film “Jesus Revolution.”

Inexplicably, the filmmakers failed to contact Connie or consult her about the movie. They even believed she was no longer alive, as they explained in a recent apologetic Zoom call to her. Connie’s awareness of the film came when her stepdaughter, Brandy, watched it in a Tulsa, Oklahoma theater and recognized the portrayal of her mother. Brandy’s disbelief in the movie’s accuracy led to a shocking revelation for Connie.

The film deeply affected Connie, as she asserted that about 90% of it was untrue. She believed the filmmakers had overly sanitized and whitewashed the story, making it far tidier than the messy reality she experienced. Connie emphasized that dealing with people, especially in the context of the Jesus movement, was complex and not accurately represented in the film.

Despite her criticism, Connie acknowledged that God used imperfect people during the Jesus movement. Both she and Lonnie had experienced severe childhood abuse, which she believed led to mental health issues. However, God worked through them despite their flaws.

Connie and Lonnie’s marriage faced significant challenges. Pastor Chuck Smith, for some reason, refused to provide them with a salary at the church, leaving them in dire financial circumstances. They continued to struggle financially, resorting to dumpster diving and eating discarded food from supermarket trash cans.

Their marriage reached a crisis point, and they sought help from Pastor Chuck Smith. Connie vividly recalled the encounter, where Pastor Chuck prioritized saving souls over their marriage. His response devastated Connie, leaving her feeling unimportant and unheard.

The film “Jesus Revolution” failed to address Lonnie’s homosexual background, which resulted from years of sexual abuse during childhood. Connie believed that this part of Lonnie’s story should not have been hidden, as it played a significant role in his journey. Keeping it in the dark only perpetuated a stronghold that eventually contributed to his downfall.

Connie emphasized that she and Lonnie were damaged individuals whom God used for His purposes, ensuring that they could not take any glory for themselves. While their story had its share of difficulties, Connie believed that if Chuck Smith had provided more support and mentorship, their marriage might have endured, and Lonnie might not have succumbed to AIDS.

Connie has a broader perspective on the Jesus movement, believing that it wasn’t confined to one individual or church. She saw the movement as a divine outpouring of the Spirit, with people getting saved across various locations. She believed that attributing it to any one person or church was laughable.

Despite her criticisms of the movie, Connie still encouraged people to see it, believing that the filmmakers had good intentions. She also predicted a forthcoming massive revival, likening it to a tsunami wave that would coincide with significant upheaval, whether natural or man-made. Connie emphasized the need for honesty and humility to hear and see God in the midst of this revival.

Connie Frisbee’s untold perspective sheds light on the complexities of the Jesus movement and the challenges faced by those who were part of it. Her story serves as a reminder that God works through imperfect individuals and that there is often more to a movement than what meets the eye.

Connie Frisbee

Connie Frisbee, originally from California, USA, played a significant role in Lonnie Frisbee’s life. Lonnie was a devout Christian who had been involved in various Christian movements. His early life was marred by a traumatic experience, as he was sexually abused by a babysitter at the age of eight.

In the 1960s, Lonnie found solace and love when he met Connie, and they planned to spend their lives together. However, their relationship faced challenges, and they separated in 1973.

While Connie Frisbee does not have her own Wikipedia page, she is occasionally mentioned on her ex-husband Lonnie’s Wikipedia page. Information about her is limited due to her minimal public appearances and online presence.

Connie had a difficult upbringing and ran away from home at the age of 13 to escape a toxic environment. She later became involved with gangs engaged in drug trafficking. Her life took a turn when she met Lonnie while staying in Silverado Canyon, California. They had a strong connection and enjoyed a relationship for some time.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not have a happy ending, as Connie became involved with another man while still married to Lonnie. This led to their breakup in 1973.

Connie Frisbee’s age is not publicly disclosed, but she appears to be over 70 years old based on her appearance. She has kept a low profile to avoid unnecessary media attention.

Connie’s upbringing was also challenging, with her mother subjecting her to abuse at a young age. She became a drug addict, addicted to LSD and marijuana, which she attributed to her troubled upbringing. She described herself as a hippie influenced by her environment.

After leaving home to escape her traumatic situation, Connie joined motorcycle gangs and became involved in drug dealing, primarily LSD and hashish. She regretted using these drugs under the influence of her surroundings.

As for her current whereabouts, Connie likely resides in the United States, but her exact location is unknown. Her last online appearance was in a YouTube video uploaded on January 31, 2023, in which she expressed her displeasure with Chuck Smith’s statements about Lonnie Frisbee. Reports suggest that after separating from Lonnie in 1973, Connie married a pastor.

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